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The Herendești mansion

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Herendeşti is a village in the vicinity of Lugoj city, located at approximately 65 km from Timişoara (see map). Be very careful if you ever want to go there, not to make the same mistake that we did, completely missing the sign that showed the way towards the village. We arrived in the Victor Vlad Delamarina commune, where, encouraged by the locals, we started by foot towards Herendeşti, on a stone road upon which, usually, tractors passed.

We wandered for about 3-4 hours through the fields and orchards and even passed by a training base belonging to the Ministry of Internal Affairs. After that, we managed to find the other way, the right one, which was paved with asphalt and lead right to Herendeşti. Our frustration shattered when, finally, we saw ourselves in front of the Herendeşti Mansion.

No one’s mansion

Unfortunately, we managed to find out very little information regarding this old noble residence from Herendeşti. According to the plaque on the front wall, the mansion has an owner. A local man told us that the owner lives in Switzerland and that for many years he hasn’t taken any interest in the building’s faith. He is the nephew of the nobles that once lived in this village.

We found through the internet sources a single name, Herglotz – Friedman Edmund, that appears as landlord from Herendeşti, during the interbelic period. The same local man told us that the mansion was nationalized and turned into a APC and that, right after 1989, the village pre-school functioned inside the building.

Today, the mansion’s garden was turned (unofficially) into a collection point for the village’s waste. The building’s roof has collapsed and its walls are not far from it. Still, even if this residence has changed several owners, the floors and wall paint seem to be the original ones. We will keep searching for information and dates regarding the Herendeşti Mansion. If you have any suggestions or know its story, we will be waiting eagerly to hear from you.

Written by Alexandra Palconi. Translated by Doiniţa Spuză.

Photo credit: Flavius Neamciuc

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