Prin Banat is about journeys, stories and fondness for the Banat lands.

Until not long ago, Banat was one of the most visited and praised regions, this mainly due to some premiers that have been well marked in history and that deserve to be remembered. Among the Banat premiers that have taken place on the current Romanian territory we count: the first train station, the first railway in a mountain area, the first building dedicated to the theatre, the first beer factory, the first electric illuminated city, the first private jazz club, the first city free of communism and the list can go on.

Another reason that has encouraged us to start making these journeys through Banat was the advanced state of degradation that has taken over a lot of the historical monuments. Therefore, we will go around Banat from now on, we will visit all kinds of places, we will find out their stories and we will pass them on, however they are, good or bad, beautiful, full of nostalgia or sunk in mystery.

The four leaf clover

We always knew that the traditional motif that inspired the visual identity of our project can be (also) found in Banat. We just couldn’t manage to find it on any piece of traditional costume that would pass in front of us.

For almost a year (2014-2015), we kept looking for it. Until one day, when we ran into a woman shirt, over 100 years old, which came from Luncani (a mountain village from the Timiș County), which had the well-searched motif.

The results of our first year (through) Prin Banat (2014)

  • 4240 traveled km
  • 422 hours spent on field documentation
  • 53 visited places
  • 91 documented objectives
  • 5192 photographs
  • 3 photography exhibitions held

The results of our second year of Prin Banat (2015)

  • 1816 traveled km
  • 174 hours spent on field documentation
  • 37 visited places
  • 58 documented objectives
  • 2324 photographs
  • 12 photography exhibitions held
  • From now on, our stories can also be read in English
  • Prin Banat becomes registered mark at OSIM

The results of our third year of Prin Banat (2016)

  • 1002 traveled km
  • 126 hours spent on field documentation
  • 37 visited places
  • 42 documented objectives
  • 978 photographs
  • 1 photography exhibition held
  • PRIN BANAT Association is founded
  • From now on, our stories can also be read in German