A green oasis near Timişoara

Only 19 km away from Timişoara (see map), between the Timiş and Bega rivers, lies a green oasis: the Bazoş Dendrological Park. There are over 800 different species of trees and shrubs planted here, gathered from every corner of the world, this being the reason for which it was declared a monument of nature in […]

The memories of the last Swabian of the round village

Peter Trimper is a 76 years old man and he is the last Swabian from the only round village in Romania, Charlottenburg (described here in detail). Even though he could follow the path of his brothers and leave the Banat region before or just after 1989, he chose to remain here with his parents. Today, Peter is alone, […]

The Banloc Castle that awaits to be rediscovered

50 km away from Timişoara (see map), hides the Kárácsonyi Castle of Banloc. Time has stolen its glow, the restoration attempts have destroyed it even further and people have vandalized it so many times that no one can keep track anymore. Not even nature has forgiven it, being hit by a powerful earthquake in 1991. […]

Poieni, the village set in the heart of the mountains

Many of us have memories with the Poieni village due to the summer camps which were organized here. Located in the heart of the Poiana Ruscă Mountains, this place is perfect for hiking and travel guidelines. More so, here you can take refuge from the city fuss. Once you have arrived to Poieni, you can […]

There once was a vinegar factory…

I have far too few memories of the Margina factory chimneys at work. I rather know it from the tales of those who have worked there for so many years. Lately, I have been passing by it not as often as I usually did. Maybe you have too – it stands right at the edge […]

The Gudenus Mansion from Gad

Gad is not the easiest place to find inside the Timiş county (you can find a complete route here), especially because the last 10-15 km are to be traveled on a narrow stone way, through a field. We went there last fall. After several kilometers of traveling through wilderness, we were getting sceptic about finding an […]